About Barbara

BarbaraLike a painter captures the spirit of their subject, a skilled residential interior designer captures the soul of a home. For high-end designer Barbara Lee Grigsby of Rancho Santa Fe, California, finding the soul of a home is a passion that has driven her career for three decades.

With an experienced eye cultivated from eclectic European design techniques and influences, Barbara will expertly customize the nuanced details and individual essence of your home that reflects your personality, successes, and legacy.

Barbara has attracted clients from around the world. She recognizes that each home must be complete and incorporate some core fundamentals, revolving around a client’s everyday things, remembered places, and moments shared with loved ones. She believes that the home environment should delight the senses, ignite the passions, and provide sumptuous comfort, soothing continuity, privacy, and effortless function.

A Pursuit of Quality: From structure and proportion, to balance and color, quality elements set in harmony create a symphony of ultimate comfort. Barbara invests foremost in good taste and timeless design instead of relying on fleeting trends.

The Divinity of Details: Subtle details are the sacred hallmark of creativity that shapes each house into a distinctive work of art. Generating a welcoming, yet indulgent sense of tranquility, simplicity, and sophistication, Barbara’s infusion of details from modernistic works or family heirlooms to the fine tailored edge of a pillow can turn so-so standbys into stunning sensations.

Barbara’s Promise: Hiring a residential interior designer is an intimate undertaking, requiring great confidence in the professional you hire. With Barbara’s years of experience, her commitment to excellence and dedication to supporting your vision every step of the way ensures she’ll surpass even your highest expectations.

Natural Inspiration: The unique grain in a piece of walnut, the cool sensation of polished pebbles on a cottage floor – nature always provides the greatest resource for her design ideas. Barbara looks first to nature to study colors, textures, and patterns, and adapts them to give your home a grounded, naturally elegant sense of contented beauty.

Barbara Lee Grigsby Design: A History of Legendary Excellence

Barbara’s commitment to quality as a residential interior designer truly runs in her blood. Descended from Charles Le Brun, the man famously commissioned by Louis XIV from 1679 to 1685 to design the magnificent interiors of the Palace of Versailles, she carries the family torch through her own brilliant designs more than three centuries later.

Dedicated to art from an early age, she lived in and traveled through parts of Europe, including Germany, France, England, and the Netherlands, during her youth and adulthood. These travel experiences left an indelible influence on her career, creating the European vernacular that she notably weaves into her work.

In 1979 she started her interior design business, and in 1990 opened her Rancho Santa Fe studio. Among many others, her satisfied clientele includes:

  • Principle of the RA Capital Advisors and RA Capital Group
  • President and Chief Executive Officer of Friedkin Group
  • Past president of Qualcomm
  • Past president of IBM
  • Past president of Rainbow Media Holdings L.L.C.
  • President and CEO of Plewes Group L.L.C.
  • Senior partner of Enterprise Partners Venture Capital
  • Local and national television celebrities
  • Past Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Newport Meats Company

From European and Mediterranean to contemporary or classic, Barbara Lee Grigsby Design Associates implements years of experience, and quality craftsmanship resources and techniques, to create comfortable, refreshing, visually stunning homes. Please call us today to set up a consultation.