How We Work

Living well

In order for us to design a home  and provide a tailored service that is just for you, we need to get to know you. To better understand what your personal taste in style is, and what is important to you, we need to better understand how you live now in your home, and how we can improve upon that lifestyle for your new home.

Conceptualization Leads to Inspiration

Using what we learn from you on what you want, and don’t want, we begin to create concept options for you. Our presentations can include floor and furniture plans, elevations and perspective drawings, cabinetry, fixture and finish options, color schemes, furniture and lighting options, and whatever else we may need to help with the visualization process for you to realize what your home could be.

Design Development

From the direction and feedback you give us, we develop the overall design plans and begin to prepare any necessary drawings. These can include developing the floor and furniture plans, lighting and electrical, cabinetry, appliances, finish schedules, etc. We shop to gather all necessary materials such as fabrics, furniture, rugs, window and wall treatments, lighting, etc. We scheme the products and images we have collected for you and schedule a meeting to present and review your options. Once we have determined what best suits you, we develop and fine tune those schemes.

Depending on how involved you wish to be, we meet as needed to review our design progress to ensure every detail meets your approval. Once we have your blessing, we continue the design development and procure our pricing. At this juncture we can begin to put together a realistic budget, and schedule. If any substitutions need to be made, this is the time we try to do them.

Project and Design Approval

Once we meet to finalize all the drawings, selections, and schedules, the real fun begins! We prepare our purchase orders, make sure we don’t lose those fabulous fabrics we found by placing them on reserve, and consult with all our workrooms and subcontractors to ensure everything turns out to our specifications. If we are building or remodeling your home, we work as a team member with your architect, general contractor, landscape architect, and subcontractors to ensure all your design decisions are realized.

It’s all in the details

We continue throughout this process to ensure we provide you with the finest quality and craftsmanship, making sure that every detail gets the attention it needs to be completed and not overlooked. Depending on your preference, we can take our services to an additional level by providing all the accessories and necessities a home needs to be a home, of course all the while incorporating all of the special pieces (such as Grandma’s silver tea set) that you might want to transition to your new home.

Our mission is to make this home all about you. We want this adventure to create happy memories, bring smiles to your faces, and provide you the comfort and function that has been customized just for you and your family’s needs and wants. This milestone in your life and your family’s lives is what living better is all about.

Our showroom and offices are located in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe. However, we have had the privilege to collaborate on design projects nationally from San Francisco, Houston, Vail, and Telluride to New York City.  Our projects have allowed us to work in such international places as the South of France, Italy to Tanzania, Africa.  We love to travel, we have the know how and experience to do so!

Please give us a call today for a consultation, or fill out this simple form to get more information about our design services.